True nutrition. Think lifestyle, not choice. It's not about not getting to eat what you want, it’s about not wanting what isn’t good for you! TrueNutrition is about good food, a strong training ethic, and a solid understanding of what makes each. TrueNutrition Lifestyle Consultations are designed to move you beyond Lean Cuisine and Lite beer, to the understanding that nutrition is power for the body and the mind.

TrueNutrition Lifestyle Consult
A 45-minute consultation of your current eating habits and behaviors. $50

TrueNutrition Assessment
90-minute consultation of your current eating habits and behaviors, including the review of a of a 7-day food diary, a review of your current training program, and a detailed TrueNutrition Lifestyle Program.
$125 initial session
$50 per three week review/ six week review